Shame, It’s a Distraction

SHAME. A word that has the potential to have so much guilt attached to it…also the enemy’s (satan’s) favorite thing to distract us with. Satan has one mission in life, to keep you from your calling. He does this by coming against you ready to steal, kill, and destroy you so that you do not fulfill the call that God has for your life. We have all messed up, made mistakes, and done something we are not proud of, therefore, we have all felt this nasty feeling of shame at some point in our lives. Sometimes it lasts for a minute, sometimes a day, sometimes for weeks, months, or maybe even years depending on the situation. The point that I am trying to make here is that shame and guilt are often feelings that go hand in hand, and they are one of the biggest destroyers in life. 

I find myself constantly battling with these two feelings when a breakthrough is coming my way. Over the years I have noticed that the enemy attacks us, and distracts us, hardest when a breakthrough in our lives is about to happen. He doesn’t want us to level up and he surely does not want us to get closer to God, because the more that happens the closer we get to our callings and to what God has in store for our lives. However, if we can recognize this attack we can stop the enemy from using these feelings against us. 

I want to encourage you today to recognize the attack and not feed into shame and or guilt. Know that you are forgiven for what you once did that might be causing those feelings and then…and I cant stress this enough…move. on!! Clap back at the enemy! He doesn’t have any real power over you, he only has as much as you give him, and that’s a fact! If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, and asked for forgiveness from your sins, you have the authority and victory over your life because you have Jesus living inside of you. The beauty in this is that God does not hold our sins against us. If we make a mistake and then ask for forgiveness that sin is then wiped away. PERIODT. You have been made clean! You are a new creation in Christ Jesus, and after that point the only person who then could even remember that sin is you. The enemy is the one who tries to make you to continue to feel bad about what you did at that point. But at this point I pray that reading this blog has encouraged you and helped you to be able to recognize what shame and guilt really is in your life, and how to defeat it. There is power inside you. Use that along with the power of your words to overcome shame and guilt in your life. You have the right to live a free and beautiful life.


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