Come As You Are


When thinking about the Christian faith, it is easy to have thoughts cross your mind that might tell you that you are under qualified to live this life. Those are simply lies from the enemy. I have previously mentioned in others blogs, probably numerous times, that the enemy has a main task in life and that is to steal, kill, and destroy. In other words, he will do whatever it takes to keep you from your purpose. The enemy so badly wants to distract you so that he can cause you to believe that you are not worthy enough to live life as a Christ follower. He also wants to convince you that you aren’t worthy of the blessings that come along with being in relationship with Christ. But I feel compelled to tell you that not only are you simply just worthy of living this life, but you are more than worthy and more than enough to live it. 


God knows that you are human. That is not just some surprising fact. He made you, therefore he knows you. Furthermore, being that we are human there is grace for our mistakes. Grace and the power of his love show us that we are worthy. He knows that we are not perfect, and that we are never going to be. He isn’t looking for perfection. He is looking for willingness. God is looking for hearts that are willing to be used and led by him. He is looking for selfless surrender. All he needs is your “yes” in order for him to do what he wants to do in your life. God is a gentleman. He is not going to force relationship with him on you. He wants you to come as you are. Broken, bruised, hurting, struggling, whatever it is, and let his love be what transforms you. He can and he will make you new. He just needs your “yes.” God does not tell us “change who you are first then come to me,” no, he says “come to me and let my love be what changes you.” 


With that being said, will you join me in saying yes to God? Will you stop being so hard on yourself and just allow him to use you? If you mess up, confess it and start over. Your mistakes are wiped away as soon as you ask for forgiveness. Say yes to God continually and watch what he does in and through you. I promise you that life with God is so much better than anything else that this world has to offer. You want to see him move? Say yes. You want to see miracles? Say yes. You want to see others come to know him like you do? Say yes. You want to see a better world? Say yes. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Come as you are and give God your yes. That’s all he needs to do a work in you. Choose life. Choose Jesus. Choose God. Keep. Saying. YES.


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