Wednesday Wisdom

slow down time // ever feel like you’re racing against the clock? so many days life feels like a race against time. it is so easy to lose focus and start running this race to get things done, and still enjoy life at the same time. recently though, my perspective on this topic has changed. it was said in a message at church the other day that jesus lived his life at 3mph, because this is the speed in which one can move and still be present with what is going on around them. it is a loving and non-hurried speed. in that he still got done what he needed to and he was able to actually live well at the same time. i don’t know about you, but i want to live like jesus, honestly because i’m tired and i don’t want to live my life in hyper speed. i don’t want to be so time conscious because it makes life less enjoyable, and that’s not the life we were intended to live. so here’s to slowing down time. let’s do it in the way we walk, talk, love, and spend time with others, ourselves, and God. #slowdowntime #wednesdaywisdom

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