Wednesday Wisdom: When Tragedy Strikes

What is your response? Is it anger? Sadness? Denial? Do you often question or blame God in response to the event? I think we have all experienced these emotions and responses. It is natural to feel this way and to question why terrible things happen, to innocent people especially. But I want to remind you that in the middle of a tragedy God still reigns, and his identity is still the same. God is a good God despite the tragic situation. And the awesome thing about our God is that He knows how to make good out of something that the enemy intended for evil. We live in an imperfect world where heart ache and unexpected tragedies may occur, unfortunately that’s just part of this life, but God aches with us when these types of events happen. God’s desire is for all of his children to be happy, healthy and prosperous he doesn’t want them to suffer or die early or whatever the situation may be…he wants us healthy and whole. So when tragedy strikes do not question God’s motives or identity he is still good despite the event and he will turn it around for good if an unfortunate event does occur. The world we live in is just imperfect and broken. It’s a sad reality but this is what we have to live with for the time being. Don’t get me wrong feel, mourn, do what you have to do to healthily cope through a situation, but know that joy comes in the morning and God will make something good out of the bad. Not just sometimes but every time because that’s not only what He does, but that’s who He is.


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