Where Passion Lives

Live where passion lives. What are the things that you are passionate about in life? Think about it. What is it that makes you feel good and most like yourself in life? For me it is writing, along with people, music, singing, serving/helping others, church, and a few others. However, above anything else my passion in life is pursuing Jesus. With that being said, I have found that if I am ever lacking passion and motivation in my walk with him, I begin to lack passion in every other area as well. I want to highlight this fact because I think it might be the answer to many of the questions that people might be having regarding this topic. 


When it comes to passion, there are going to be some times where we feel it more evidently than others. My feeling of passion wavers often, but that does not mean that I all of a sudden lose my passion as a whole. My heart and intentions still stay the same, but lets be honest, life gets in the way sometimes. We get busy and we forget to pursue the things that we are passionate about. So, this is where I raise my overall question. Where does your passion live? My passion lives with Jesus, and I think for any Christ follower this would be the obvious answer. I am first passionate about Jesus because he is the most trusting, consistent, and promising thing in life. There are so many reasons to love and worship him, and a relationship with him is not everboring or uneventful. There is always more to know and experience when it comes to Jesus. Life with him is actually pretty adventurous and fun. Jesus loves to have fun and experience with us the things that we love to do and are passionate about. In fact, I believe that he is the one who gave us these passions. We all have gifts, talents, and abilities that are God given and different from one another’s. That is one of the most beautiful things about this life that we live. We all have different things that we are good at. 


My passions are not the same as yours, but they come from the same place. Because of this fact I think that we can all hold each other accountable when it comes to passion. If you consider yourself to be a Christ follower chances are, as I previously stated, your number one answer is going to be the same as mine. You are passionate about Jesus. With this passion for Jesus first, everything else that you are passionate about then stems from there. Another thing that I have recognized is that if I am lacking passion and motivation in pursuing Jesus I lack passion and motivation in every other area as well. So, if you are currently stuck or even find yourself stuck in a rut I encourage you to first and foremost examine your passion and relationship with Jesus. When I am thriving in my relationship with Jesus I feel great. I feel inspired and passionate, not only about him but about everything that I am passionate about and put my mind to. It also causes me to feel more hopeful, joyful, and full of life. This is the type of life we were created for. 


A lack of passion can leave one feeling hopeless, doubtful, purposeless, depressed, etc. This is not a good place to be. Living here can also cause you to feel and believe that you are stuck in a certain situation. But let me be the first to tell you, if you haven’t heard it already, you are not stuck. You are not hopeless, You have things that you are passionate about and good at. You just need to figure out where those passions live. Once you can wrap your mind around the God part of this I think that you will be able to recognize things for what they truly are, and live a more passionate and inspired lifestyle. Life pursuing Jesus, in relationship with him, and surrendered to him will bring out the very best parts of you. Don’t believe me? Try it. Live where passion lives.

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