It’s been something like a week since we have all been instructed to remain quarantined and not leave the house, so here I am writing to you from the comfort of my bed while trying to make the best of this time at home. However, I am not going to lie or sugar coat the topic, it is extremely difficult to be an adult during this time. I would much rather be a child who has no idea what in the world is going on right now, but is just enjoying the company of their loved ones at home. But, unfortunately this is not what we as adults and teenagers are experiencing right now. Instead, we are experiencing fear, anxiety, worry, panic, uncertainty, etc. Our lives have been completely turned upside down by this virus that is attacking our country, along with many others.  Every day is a battle against ourselves, and the enemy, to not allow fear and uncertainty to drive us to a mental breakdown. The world is hurting, and I am hurting for it. 

I wrote a blog earlier in the year about this being a “fearless 2020”, funny because it is turning out to be the exact opposite. But, it is also funny how God works because I believe that he prompted me to write that so that we would be equipped for what was heading our way. I do not want to neglect the reality of fear because it is real and we are all dealing with it to some extent. It is the enemy’s greatest weapon against us, and right now he is thriving on it. I am battling every single day to keep my mental state healthy and at ease during this time, and applying all of the tools that I have explained to you previously. Nevertheless, I am also with you in knowing that it is not easy right now. It is not easy to have hope because the world is looking pretty hopeless right now. Literally everything is cancelled, and not just this month but for multiple months to come as well. Let’s be real 2020 is looking like a complete bust right now. However, here’s what I do know… 

First and foremost, Romans 8:28 tells us that God works all things together for our good. That message alone is full of hope! Secondly, 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. With that being said, if we know that the things of God bring power, love and peace of mind we know that a fearful mind is not of God and we can use the power that he has given us to overcome it. Fight fear from a place of victory because that is what you have! You have the victory already over fear because of what Jesus did on the cross over 2,000 years ago. The very same power that Jesus had and still has you have living inside of you. Do not allow fear to control and overtake you. You are still very much so alive in Christ and your life is worth living to the fullest. We don’t have time to waste days living in fear. Lastly, not last of all because I could go on and on but for the sake of you not reading a complete novel at the moment, the classic Jeremiah 29:11. This tells us that God knows the plans that he has for us, and those include both hope and a future. This scripture gives us hope for the future! The good news about viruses is that they only last for a season. This is just a season of difficulty. It is not our new norm. God is still going to do amazing things with your life and the plans that he has for you will be fulfilled. You are not hopeless. Life is not hopeless. We are not all going to die.

So here is my charge to you as we fight this season of difficultly together. Fight from a place of victory. Stay in communication with others. Talk about your feelings, you are not alone. Do not be overcome with fear. Speak out loud against fear/anxiety/worry/panic attacks or whatever else it is that the enemy is trying to attack you with. These are all just attacks from the enemy who is going to milk every negative or uncertain thought to overcome you with fear, because that’s how he works. Be wise. Stay mentally and physically healthy. Wash your hands. Take your vitamins. Don’t touch your face. Cover your mouth. We have the power here not only to stop the spread of this virus, but also to show the world hope and a future by showing them Jesus. Be the difference by not caving into fear and by encouraging and uplifting others…but from a distance 😉 I believe that a true awakening is coming and that God WILL use this all for good. As a matter of fact, he already is. Stay tuned!

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