Hope for the Hopeless

Hope is seemingly something that the world is lacking majorly right now considering the circumstances. Sickness and disease is running our lives in some way, shape or form even if we are not among those who are sick. The numbers keep growing and so do the amount of deaths. It is easy to become focused on the statistics and to allow fear, doubt, worry, stress, frustration, anger, and whatever else to overtake us. I have found myself constantly battling these feelings and emotions. I think I have cried more over the past month than in my entire lifetime honestly. It’s not easy right now. Regardless, I feel the urge to speak a message of hope. I know that a day is coming, sooner than we think, where all of this sickness and disease will be put to an end and life will feel normal again.

The awesome thing about hope is that our hope is not found in the things of this world. It does not depend on our circumstances or what is going on around us. Instead, our hope is found in a person. Our hope is found in Jesus, who over two thousand years ago entered this world not to just live in it but to save it. Jesus is not just some historical bible character who came and went. He is life and the reason we breathe. He came to this earth as a savior to rescue us from sin and death, and he still does the exact same thing today. Without him we would be absolutely nothing.

Savior. That word is really resonating with me right now. Jesus SAVES. He was our savior then and he is still our savior now. Our hope was in him then and it still remains in him now. We can have hope and faith in him because we know that the major battle is already won, because that is what he did by dying on the cross and overcoming the grave, and the victory is ours because it was his first. With Jesus living inside of us we can know that evil cannot and will not win Every earthly thing must bow at the name of Jesus. When we can fully understand the power that is in the name of Jesus we will be able to see just how untouchable and powerful we now are. It’s because of that name and because Jesus is living inside of you. If you have no idea what I am talking about and have not made Jesus your Lord and Savior, but the idea of living a torment and worry free life sounds great to you, please reach out for clarity. That is what he has made available to us along with so many more good things.

All of this to say, during this time especially, put your hope in something that is eternal. Put your hope in something that is pure, good, true, holy, life giving, and so much more. Put your hope in Jesus Christ who already won the battle by dying and overcoming death for YOU, and who would do it all over again even if it was just for you because he loves you that much. Be encouraged by God’s word, promises, and truths and dwell on those. There will be a day soon where the bad news and statistics will be no more and we will see the light again… but I encourage you, choose to see it now. Choose to see the good now. Choose to see and represent Jesus now when the world needs him most. God’s people are literally crying out for Him, and this is our chance as believers in Christ to rise up and provide the hope that the world is searching for. It is already instilled in us because that is what the gospel brings. That is what we live out as Christ followers, so let’s rise to the occasion. There is still hope, joy, peace, rest, good news, and a promised future ahead of us. Choose hope. Keep your faith.

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